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About Us
Our music selection is constantly growing every month. We have a large music library of well over 60,000 songs for you and your guests to choose from, and we do not specialize in just one genre of music. Atomic Sounds and Photography will play anything from swing to disco to rock to hip-hop, whatever you and your guests want to hear and whenever you want to hear it. Our large digital library allows for us to keep the hits coming all night long to make your night one you won't soon forget!

Light Show 
All the lights and effects for our show are controlled with an American DJ light controller that runs the lights allowing the DJ to focus on the guests and music. Our light show may vary depending on your event. All light shows will have a slow moving white light for slow songs from the starball, and several dancing colored lights. Optional effects at no extra cost include; Snap shot II, a strobe light with a 70W lamp and variable speed control for 1 to 15 flashes per second. Vaporizer, fog machine with a fog output of 4,500 cubic feet per minute (creates a more nightclub or concert feel for your event)

We have a high quality sound system backed with a versatile presentation specialized to meet your events wants and needs. Our DJ booths are custom built to fit the needs of our DJs and our guests. Our music library is completely digital, stored on multiple hard drives to assure you that our music will keep your night going, no matter what happens. We use professional name brand DJ appliances such as American DJ, American Audio, Yamaha, Mackie and Odyssey. We also exclusively use Shure band wireless microphones to ensure that not just your DJ, but any guest doing a speech, will clearly be heard. Sound quality is just as important as volume, and our DJs keep this in mind at all times.

Our Photographers exclusively use Canon cameras to capture all your special moments, with different lenses varying in length from 18-55mm all the way 70-250mm to make sure all of your photos are of the highest quality possible.

Our History
We specialize in, but are not limited to, Wedding receptions, banquets, and school dances.  We have been entertaining clients since the early 2000's. Our company has gone by names like DJ'S Sub-Atomic Sounds in the past, but our owner has continued to strive for the right look, sounds and name. As of 2010 we have a fresh look, brand new tuxes, and now go by the name Atomic Sounds & Photography. We invite you to try our service and see for yourself why our new name and look is more than just a corporate rebranding; it's helping make memories for you and your guests.  Our company has entertained clients throughout the state of Michigan in Lapeer, Genesee, Shiawassee, Saginaw, Clinton, Ingham, Eaton, and even out to Berrien County. We have performed events at country clubs, schools, banquet halls, bars, and even personal homes. Since 2008 we have been the exclusive DJ company for the East Lansing Relay for Life event, and will continue to be in the coming year.

D.B.A. on file with the Ingham county clerk's office & Eaton County clerk's office