Elegant Candy Buffet

Elegant Candy Buffet

  • Includes attendant, candy, complete set up and clean up, containers for guest to take home candy, and the color scheme of your choosing.


Brides can be totally surprised at the cost of wedding favors. The cost candy add-up very quickly, and depending on what favor you choose, can be very costly. When doing a wedding budget, most Brides don't even think to put favors in their budget, then their taken by surprise when they start figuring out what favor they want tot choose and the cost. Because this wasn't in their budget, they try to go with the cheapest thing they can find; yet the cost will add up quickly.

Wedding favors can cost $4.00 and up per person, depending on what type of favor you choose. Then you need to add your time to shop for everything, put them together, and place them on all the tables. If they contain candy, you can't even start to put them together until just before your wedding date. Not to mention if children are present, they go around and gather all the candy favors, leaving few (if any) for your adult guests.

So, say you choose the less expense, a net circle with some ribbons and Jordan Almonds. These will cost about $4.00 per person, based on 100 guest will cost $400, not to mention your time.

Maybe you would like something more personal. If you choose a personalized box with some candy in them. Again this will cost you about $7.00 to $8.00 per guest, based on 100 guest, the cost will be $700 to $800; not to mention the time to purchase, arrange and set out each one.

For less than the cost of an expensive favor, you can have a Beautiful and Elegant Candy Buffet. Your guests can choose which candies they like, how much or little and the buffet is supervised for everyone to enjoy. Best of all WE do all the work. From getting all the supplies to setting it up and cleaning everything up at the end. Plus, the containers are keep constantly filled so it is presentable and inviting.

An Elegant Candy Buffet will leave your guest mesmerized by the sweet experience that will be enjoyed by all. It is our desire to work with you, to meet your needs and provide insight on what might best suit your wedding. An Elegant Candy Buffet can add a finishing touch to your wedding or special event.